Produce, produce, produce….this is our mantra at Lilypad Farm.  Commercial aquaponics is as much art as it is science.  If you want to see art in motion first hand, then maybe one of our 2-day intensive training courses is what you need.

We have a producing Aquaponics system at Lilypad Farm based on the UVI method and are committed to sharing our success with others.

Here are the basics of what our 2-day intensive training course covers:

  • Site Preparation, System Construction and Material Sourcing
  • Fish tank and  Grow bed Design and Construction
  • Fish care and feeding…What types of fish you can raise
  • Plant Starting and Transplanting methods
  • Maintenance and Operational Issues
  • Plant Selection, Propagation and Harvesting…
  • Fish and Food Products Marketing…

Sign up today on our site, spaces are limited and you do not want to miss out on this great oppourtunity…you will not be dissapointed…